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ETCP Trainer Recognition recognizes experienced instructors that meet specific criteria. ETCP Recognition is for renewal credits only. There is a one-time fee of $250, and Recognized status is subject to review by the ETCP Disciplinary Committee should there be a valid complaint.

What are the benefits of becoming an ETCP Recognized Trainer?

  • ETCP Certified Technicians attending your course receive twice as many renewal credits.
  • Your training will gain more exposure – approved trainers are listed on the ETCP website with contact information.
  • Any courses submitted to ETCP will be listed in the quarterly ETCP Certficant newsletter.
  • You may use the special ETCP Recognized Trainer logo on your marketing materials.

You should apply to become an ETCP Recognized Trainer if:

  • You are an experienced trainer who is ETCP Certified.
  • You teach courses to a variety of audiences and adjust your curriculum to suit different audiences.

Note: If your training is conducted solely as in-house training for an individual company, you will need to apply for Training Program or Training Provider Recognition.

How do I apply to become an ETCP Recognized Trainer?

As a trainer, you may choose to offer a preview of the practice exams in your training. You may purchase a practice exam for $40 which allows you 30 days of use at You are requested to provide ETCP with a licensing fee of $15 per student. You may subtract the $40 purchase fee when you pay the licensing fee.

Participants of professional development training events are encouraged to provide feedback or issue a complaint about the behaviors and practices of an individual who participates in the ETCP Recognized Trainer for Renewal Credits Program.  If an individual would like to provide general feedback, he or she may use the ETCP Course evaluation Form.  Formal complaints must be issued on the ETCP Recognized Trainer Complaint Form.